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Ph 0800 882 884
Shower Stool - Low
Shower Buddy / Tub Buddy
Non-Slip Shower Mat
Long Handled Back Brush
Suction Backed Scrubber
Shower Stool - Round
Bedside Commode - Deluxe
Toe Washer - Twin Pad
Bath Lifter
Commode - Folding
Bath Seat
Bed Pan
Splash Guards
Waterproof Limb Protector - Swimming
Toe Washer
Non-Slip Bath Mat
Waterproof Limb Protectors - Arms & Hands
Waterproof Limb Protectors - Legs & Feet
Shower Sleeve - Universal
Shower Chair
Shower Stool - With Arms & Padded Seat
Shower Seat - Wall Mounted
Medium / Long Handled Back Brush
Toilet Surround Frame
3 in 1 Commode
Shower Stool - With Arms
Bath Transfer Seat
Long Handled Back Sponge
Bath Swivel Seat
Urinal Bottle - Screw Lid
Urinal Bottle
Grab Bars - Standard Powdercoated Aluminium
Grab Bars - Angled Stainless Steel
Grab Bars - Custom Made
Grab Rails - Assessment and Installation
Toilet Seat Rainer With Lid, 50mm to 150mm
Toilet Seat Raiser - Standard, 50mm to 150mm
Non-Slip Bath / Shower Treads
Grab Bars - Standard Stainless Steel
Shower Tap Adapter
Foot Scrub
Long Handled Back Brush with Massager
Grab Bar With Shower Rose
Grab Bars - Suction
Bath Pillow
Commode Buckets
Slipper Pan
Bath Board
We now accept vouchers from the Cerebal Palsy Societies 'Get This & That!' programme
Over Toilet Frame
round shower stool
low shower stool
high shower stool with arms
high shower stool with arms and padded seat
shower chair with back
shower buddy tub buddy
non slip shower mat
wall mounted shower seat
non slip bath treads non slip shower treads
shower tap adapter
bath pillow
powered bath lifter
bath transfer seat
bath swivel seat
bath board
bath seat
non slip bath mat
medium handled back brush
long handled back brush
long handled back brush with massager
long handled back sponge
toe washer
foot scrub with pumice
suction backed scrubber
tube master tube squeezer
waterproof limb protectors arms and hands
waterproof limb protectors legs and feet
over toilet frame
deluxe bedside commode
Bedside Commode
bedside commode
folding commode
3 in 1 commode
commode bucket
splash guards
toilet seat raiser with lid 50mm to 150mm
toilet seat raiser 50mm to 150mm
toilet surround frame
bed pan
slipper pan
urinal bottle economy
urinal bottle non spill
grab bars straight powder coated aluminium
grab bars angled powder coated aluminium
grab bars straight stainless steel
grab bars angled stainless steel
grab bars looped hinged powder coated aluminium
grab bars looped hinged stainless steel
grab bar with shower rose
suction grab bars
telescopic suction grab bars
grab bars tub and bath
custom grab bars
grab bars installation service
twin ended toe washer
shower sleeve universal
waterproof limb protector swimming
Grab Bars - Tub / Bath
Grab Bars - Suction Telescopic
Grab Bars - Looped, Hinged, Stainless Steel
Grab Bars - Looped, Hinged, Powdercoated Aly
Grab Bars - Angled Powdercoated Aluminium
Urinal Bottle - Non Spill
urinal bottle screw lid