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Ph 0800 882 884
Ph 0800 882 884
At Mobility Scooters Manawatu Ltd, we have a range of rental equipment available for short or long term use.  As what is available changes regularly, please contact us with your request even if you donít see what you are looking for on this page we might be able to help you.
rental mobility scooter
rental wheelchair
Mobility Scooters
Manual Wheelchairs
rental walking frame
Walker Frames
rental knee walker
Knee Walkers
rental u step parkinsons walker
U Step Parkinsons Walker
Electric Lift Chairs
rental electric lift bed
Electric Lift Beds
Bed Cradles
Bed Levers
rental bed / chair table
Over Bed / Chair Tables
rental bed / chair raiser
Chair / Bed Raisers
rental rehab chair
Rehab Chairs
rental shower stool
rental shower stool with arms
Shower Stools
rental over toilet frame
Over Toilet Frames
 rental commode
Bath Stools
rental swivelling bath seat
Swivelling Bath Seats
rental underarm crutches
rental bed cradle
rental bath board
rental bath lifter
rental bath stool
rental electric lift chair
Patient Lifters
rental patient lifter
rental crutches
rental bed lever
rental electric wheelchair / rental power chair
Electric Wheelchairs
rental ramps
Portable Ramps
rental nebuliser
rental suction grab bar
Suction Grab Rails
Bath Lifters
Bath Boards
rental adjustable back rest
Adjustible Back Rests
Manual Wheelchairs
rental tilt in space manual wheelchair
rental rea azelea
rental manual wheelchair tilt in space
Wheeled Shower Commodes
rental wheeled shower commode
 rental childrens crutches
rental over bed pole
Oved Bed Poles