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Ph 0800 882 884
Ph 0800 882 884
u step parkinsons walker
U Step walker, designed for those who suffer from Parkinsons and other Neurological conditions.  At the press of a switch a bright red laser line is projected in front of the users feet to unlock 'Freezing Episodes'.  Reversed braking system so the U Step will not move until you are ready
U Step Walker
u step parkinsons lasercane
U Step LaserCane
For those who suffer from 'Freezing episodes' but do not need the support of a U Step walker frame.
Press down on the cane and a bright red line is projected in front of the user to prompt the user to take a step
u step parkinsons lasercane tri foot
Optional tri foot to suit the LaserCane to give extra support
u step parkinsons walker cueing module
Cueing Module for those who have the U Step walker frame but require the extra help from the optional cueing module.  Audio & visual cues
U Step Script Form